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Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online For Free Stream


After R (a highly unusual zombie) saves Julie from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world.
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online
Based on the book of the same name (written by Isaac Marion), "Warm Bodies" tells the story of a young zombie, later named "R" (played very enthusiastically by Nicholas Hoult) stuck in a mental purgatory. R spends his life wandering around a post-apocalyptic world with only his thoughts and other zombies who can barely speak to keep him company. In a witty and well-delivered opening narration, he explains that he can barely remember what life used to be like before the apocalypse. He can't remember what caused it, what his life was like, who his parents were, or even his own name (though he does believe it starts with an R).
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online
It is in this opening scene when we get a true sense of what R's life is like. His often humorous narration of this scenario keeps the tone of the film somewhat upbeat, even though his situation of being alone with only his thoughts is truly tragic. I could instantly relate to his feeling of loneliness, as who doesn't feel lonely sometimes. Loneliness truly does feel like you're dead and alone with your own thoughts, so perhaps the whole zombie element of the plot was one big metaphor for unwanted solitude.
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online
When the zombies develop enough symptoms, they become gruesome skeleton- like creatures called "bonies." These creatures, unlike zombies, will kill anything with a heartbeat without feeling any sort of remorse about it. The bonies most likely represent people who have given up on love and live the rest of their lives in despair.
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online
Everything changes when R and a few other zombies search for human flesh to eat. They come across a hideout with survivors and attack. With little memory of the old world, R instantly falls in love with a survivor named Julie (Played by Theresa Palmer). Immediately afterwards, R inadvertently eats the brain of her boyfriend, Perry (played by Dave Franco). The only way that R can relive memories of the old world is by eating peoples' brains and thereby consuming their memories. By eating Perry's brain, he learns Julie's name and uses that to start developing a trust with her.
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online
This is the only aspect I felt was a bit weak. The fact that the zombies in this film can consume memories is a rather interesting story element, though it doesn't really come into play through most of the film. It mainly exists to develop R's sense of guilt for killing Julie's boyfriend, which is important to the story, but I personally felt it could have been used to a greater effect. Perhaps R could find out who he used to be by consuming the brains of people who knew him. Oh well, it's not really that big of a problem here, and it's not something that bothered me while watching it.
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online
After helping her escape the attack, R and Julie bond together. R tries his hardest to act human and gradually forms a friendship with Julie.The scenes of R and Julie are honestly sweet without being to saccharine. R comes across as a likable hero victimized by his zombie-condition and Julie, while occasionally bratty, learns to accept him.
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